Come See the County's Largest Farmers & Fishermen's Market

Summer Season is here! The variety is exciting! Gulf seafood.. fresh shrimp, fresh and smoked tuna, oysters and more. The organic beef, pork, and lamb are always fresh. Bakers provide whole grain breads, specialty breads, pies, deserts, tortillas , jellies and sauces. Many of their recipes include local products such as farm fresh eggs, which are also for sale. Local artists have handmade jewelry, art, furniture, ceramics, hand-woven baskets and many distinctive gifts. Specialty soaps and other natural skin care products are a local favorite. Some of the harvest bounty this season...  red and yellow potatoes, peppers, hydroponic  lettuces, tomatoes of many varieties, zucchini, squash, boiled peanuts, eggplant, peaches, cucumber, blueberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, green beans, pinkeye peas, butterbeans, crowder peas, figs, okra and always surprises. Nothing beats our honey and teas. Enjoy healthier, tastier, and a sustainable food source from the Coastal Alabama Farmers and Fishermens Market! 

Current 2014 Market Schedule:

Fridays 2:00-6:00
Saturdays 9:00-2:00       

Attention Vendors: Local Growers, Seafood Dealers & Home Processors

To become a Coastal Alabama Farmers & Fishermen's Vendor, FIRST complete our online Vendors Application and read the Vendors Information page. For more information, please contact Heather Pritchard. Phone: 251.597.5557 Email: